3D Printing A Chemistry Tool

3D Printing A Chemistry Tool

December 5, 2016

Over the last few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the novel 3D printing technology at the Brock University library. They offer the space to make and print anything you can design.

As a current chemistry student, I always had the trouble of having my round-bottom flasks tip over or roll when trying to weigh them to determine if I did a good enough job with my reaction – so I created a solution.


With some inspiration from google, I designed a 3D-printed round bottom flask holder capable of holding 50-250mL round bottom flasks upright and stable.

Printed out of Polylactic acid, this biodegradable polymer is able to withstand basic solvents; though not strong acids or basis so don’t pour H2SO4 on it.


It was designed to be as light weight (and therefore cheap) as possible, and was liked so much that it’s now being used in the Department of Chemistry to teach the organic chemistry course.

Thingiverse link coming soon!