A quick way to optimize images for the web on OSX (without PhotoShop)

A quick way to optimize images for the web on OSX (without PhotoShop)

April 4, 2019

If you’re uploading images for web pages that are greater than 1mb, that’s not great. Here’s how you can fix it, on Mac OSX, without PhotoShop.

  1. Download the image you’re wanting to use. If you’re looking for content for blogs, I would highly recommend checking out UnSplash.
  2. Notice that the file size is probably around 4mb, which is far too big for the internet. Why? Loading your web page with that image on it will take forever, and if you pay for network egress, it’ll start to add up.
  3. Open the image with preview.
  4. In the menu bar, go to Tools > Adjust Size
  5. Pick a new width for your image. Usually I go with 1800 or 1200 pixels.
  6. If your resolution is above 72 pixels, set it to 72, it’ll help with the sizing.
  7. Click Okay, at which point you’ll see your image resized.
  8. In the menu bar, click File > Export
  9. Export the image as a JPEG filetype. You can use the slider to adjust the quality. Generally I pick the quality which keeps the image around 50-150 kb.

Nice and easy, and you don’t even need PhotoShop’s Save For Web function.