The Brock Safe Drive Project

The Brock Safe Drive Project

January 7, 2017


With my recent Brock Bus project completed, I wanted to create a web application for the commuters of Brock University. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, the university has a sizeable population of students, staff, and faculty commuting in from all around the Niagara region, and even the greater Toronto area.

Using the publicly available Google Distance Matrix API, I designed and created a web application that displays and updates both the weather, and estimated driving time with traffic to popular commuting destinations. This application will be displayed on a few public displays around the university, letting commuters know the weather, and the time for their drive home.


I’m still working on the code for a few more of these features, and will hopefully have them rolled out within the month:

  • A prediction whether to take the 406 (highway) or Glenridge (surface streets) to get to downtown the fastest
  • Traffic incident and road condition integration from various other public APIs