Creating A Walkable Timeline Of Life

Creating A Walkable Timeline Of Life

April 2, 2017

I had thought about creating a walkable timeline of life for a while at Brock University, but never really got around to doing it. With only a few months left of my studies, I decided it was now or never.



With some open source data, and help from a few of my professors, I pulled together an evolutionary history of life, and applied it to a 45 meter stretch of walkway between Brock University’s Mackenzie Chown and Cairns complexes. From the start of the Earth, up until today, each meter on the walkway represents 100 million years (give or take a few million).



As pedestrians cross the bridge, they are able to see various evolutionary highlights along the bridge. It’s my ultimate hope that passersby take the time to reflect on the awesome scale of the Earth, and realize just how little humans are in the grand scheme of things. Of the 45 meter walkway, every human who has ever lived exists within the last centimeter.



The project will be up for approximately two weeks – so don’t wait. A special thanks to the Brock Biology department for supporting my project, and all the colleagues who graciously donated their time to assisting me in making this dream a reality.