Competing in Brock University’s Monster Pitch

Competing in Brock University’s Monster Pitch

April 5, 2017

This spring, I had the pleasure of competing in the final round of Brock University’s Monster Pitch competition. Similar to the popular TV show Dragon’s Den (with two of the same judges), this competition pits students against each other with their innovative business ideas and opportunities.

Using an idea I had developed on the fly from a previous pitch weekend, I drew up a business plan, strategy, and general brand for a new company: Hundred Dollar Burger. The idea? Connect private and recreational pilots with the rest of the world. Similar to ride sharing, I wanted to brand the company as more experience sharing than anything else. The feeling of recreational aviation is an incredible one, and I wish more people were able to afford it. I submitted my application last minute, under the same rationale of why I do almost everything: to try something new.

Much to my surprise, I made it through two initial rounds, and found myself in the final four. With three other amazing finalists; Dalton with an innovative app, Olivia with a thriving animal care business, and David with a charitable scarf business; I was humbled to be among such amazing colleagues. Together we shared in our nervousness and presented our ideas one by one to the panel of four judges, and a large audience of our peers and professors.

The experience was surreal. From having a microphone taped to my face, to answering business questions from business experts, I definitely stayed on my learning edge. When it came time to announce the winner, we were pleased to find out that David and his business “Bundle” had taken home the grand prize. While I’m sure all of us felt a little disappointment (what human wouldn’t), it was an incredible opportunity of learning and growth.

As for Hundred Dollar Burger? It’s on the back burner for now. My priorities at this point lie with making it through exam season alive, and making sure I hit the ground running with my new Masters of Biomedical Engineering program this September. It’s definitely something I’d like to keep in my back pocket though; bringing aviation to the world is something I live for.