Stand-up Comedy – Trying Something New

Stand-up Comedy – Trying Something New

November 24, 2019

Earlier this year I made the decision to get involved with stand-up comedy.

It’s a hobby I’ve always wanted to involve myself in, but something I’ve found to be tremendously intimidating. The idea of standing in front of an audience telling jokes holds a more fearful place in my mind than reciting a speech, giving a presentation, or even singing.

I’ve found being funny in a group of people is much different than – and does not often translate to – being funny on stage. Stage jokes require perfect timing, misdirection, and creative writing.

My reasons for getting involved with comedy are in general my reasons for everything else that I do; I refuse to fall into routine and lead an ordinary life. I got myself involved with stand-up because the idea of it is terrifying to me, and I’ll continue to push myself to do the things that terrify me because they’ll help me grow as a person.