I've got a broad range of interests, but here are a few technical things I've worked on that I'm proud of.

Current Projects

In my spare time I maintain a few projects, hobbies, and communities - these are the ones I'm currently working on.

Side Quest Jobs


Side Quest Jobs is an automated job aggregator that gathers, classifies, and displays part-time, contract, and freelance jobs in technology.

Not everyone is able to commit to full time work, and finding anything besides it can be quite difficult. So I built Side Quest Jobs to help out others find something that works for them.

Hey From The Future


Hey From The Future is an online art project of mine, which allows users to post things they wish they knew at a particular age.

Users are able to sign up, and write things they wish they knew at a particular age. It can be advice to younger folks, or something specific about their life - the project is open to interpretation.

Ryder Calm Down


Ryder Calm Down is my technical comedy channel, which I've grown to over 1.2 million followers.

I like to focus on combining artificial intelligence with wildly out of this world ideas, often building useless and dysfunctional inventions.


I write professionally and also for fun. Generally I like to focus on articles about DevOps and hardware.

Talks & Video

Here are a few of the conference talks and podcasts I've done for personal and professional projects.