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One of the main reasons I chose to study at Brock was their student-first attitude towards education. While many post-secondary institutions take this into account, Brock seeks to support students both in and outside the classroom. While my education was in the pure sciences, my interests took me to the fields of design and development. Through services at Brock, I was allowed to explore and develop these skills concurrently with my scientific education.

Through a student retention initiative known as BrockU 4U, this new app known simply as Brock University, was commissioned by the university to provide community members better access to Brock information, and a better Brock experience.


Multiplatform Design, Student Focus

With a timeline of only three months, I made the decision to build the app with the Ionic platform, built on top of Angular. This allows the app to be maintained with a single codebase, deployable to multiple platforms: iPhone, iPod, Android, etc. Over the course of a summer, we went from concept, to full deployment for iOS and Android.


Existing System Integration

In addition to creating a useful resource for students, the app was designed in such a way that it does most of the updating itself. Using an external API for clubs and events, all campus events and student clubs are automatically populated from the ExperienceBU co-curricular platform with no extra work.

Opening hours for food and study venues are maintained by a custom WordPress integration; when a department or venue updates their opening hours, it updates in the app automatically.

Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to determine business in popular study areas like the Schmon Tower library. Using existing WiFi access points, an API was designed for students to determine how busy a floor is, based on the number of devices present. No more will students show up to study to find all the seats taken.


Brock University: A New App

Developed in conjunction with the University Marketing and Communications team, this app is slated to become the flagship app of Brock University, with a user count growing daily.










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