Brock Bus


Brock University needed a way for students to see arriving buses at the main campus stop - so I built one.

The Brock Bus Project

While attending Brock University as a student, I noticed a monitor next to the bus waiting area with information about arriving buses with text that was small and difficult to read from a distance. After speaking with those in charge of the monitor, I created and installed a new auto-updating display. Using Brock branding, and the St. Catharines Transit API, it was complimented by a number of students and staff.

The desk is no more, as it was destroyed during construction of a new lobby, but the archived version can be found running on my kubernetes cluster here.

Screenshot of the app

The web app itself updates every 10 seconds, so students always know when their bus is arriving. Once completed, it was loved so much that it was integrated on a few different screens on campus. We are currently working on getting a permanent display so that students in Thistle complex can see when their next bus is approaching without having to go out into the cold of a Canadian winter.

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