Brock Room Check


As a student at Brock, I was highly involved in extracurricular clubs and groups. Often needing places to meet, I built a web interface so students like myself could find and take advantage of empty lecture halls and classrooms.

About The Project

Brock University has a ton of clubs and events happening all the time – but often not enough space to accommodate everyone. Clubs that I was a member of met in various places across campus, but I noticed that some lecture halls were empty at various times. That’s why I built a web application that let students view the classes currently happening in a given lecture hall.

Gathering Data

All data used in this project was publicly available – but not in the format that it needed to be. I ended up scraping the registrar’s course listing web page so I could reorganize the data into a usable format and build this application.

Current State of the Project

This project is now archived, with the last scraped data being the Fall-Winter semester of 2016. The project was well liked by students, so I open sourced it so that other developers at Brock could take advantage and build bigger and better things. You can view the archived version in my kubernetes cluster here.

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