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DiscoverTab is a customizable new tab page extension for Google Chrome. It uses a user's current location and replaces their new tab with a simplified map.

About This Project

A weekend project, I built DiscoverTab as a reminder to myself. I’m often too concerned about where I want to be that I forget where I am (both figuratively and geographically). I wanted a simple daily reminder of where I am, without distracting me from the tasks at hand.

My first Google Chrome extension, DiscoverTab was an interesting challenge to build. While it was pretty straightforward (if you can build a web page, you can build a chrome extension), there were a few unique challenges I needed to address.

I decided to create two themes: light and dark, that users can choose between to customize their experience. The project relies on Google Maps, as well as a borrowed set of cities in JSON.

DiscoverTab screenshot


Moving Forward

I’m hoping this extension will be used by anyone who might need a reminder of where they are, or the places they’d like to go. In terms of the code, Pull Requests are welcome; I’d love to build out a few other features, but I don’t have the time at the moment.

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