Fresh Air – A Breathing Chrome Extension

Fresh Air – A Breathing Chrome Extension

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Fresh Air is a New Tab extension built for chrome that leads you through a simple breathing exercise before you browse. It's designed to help you take a break, take a breath, and become more mindful while mindlessly browsing the web.

Project Completed: December, 2017

Approximate Time: 1 day

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How It Works

Designed to help you take a breather from mindlessly browsing the web, there are a few options you can select under the options page.

A user can choose whether they want the breathing circle to start automatically upon opening a new tab, or only on a click. When a user clicks, the circle starts and the user breaths with it. Inhale, Holding and Exhale periods can be set, and colours can be customized. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible to help with the mindfulness.