Hey From The Future


I wanted a platform that allowed people to share advice they wish they had at younger ages - but none existed, so I built Hey From The Future.

About The Project

Hey From The Future is an advice sharing website that allowed users to submit anonymous advice they wish they had at a particular age. Simply sign up with your birthday, and you can submit advice to your younger self, advice for the younger generation, or tidbits of information you want to pass on. Users can then vote on which advice they found the most helpful.


Why Build It?

I actually built it as a project on my birthday. I had the idea floating around in my head for maybe a year prior, but never did anything about it. Turning another year older gave me the kick in the butt to sit down for a few days, code up a MVP, deploy it, and launch.


Product Launch

The product launch for HeyFromTheFuture.com was quite surprising. I shared it on facebook with a few friends and family prior to actually launching – so others would have the chance to post some seed content. Once I had what I thought was enough, I submitted the idea to ProductHunt first, waited about an hour, and went to bed. The next morning later on in the day I received a notification that my server was getting an unusually high number of requests. When I checked, I was surprised to see that HeyFromTheFuture had skyrocketed to the number two spot on ProductHunt for that day.

About a week later I made the decision to share the site on HackerNews, something I was quite nervous to do – as anonymous communities can be quite critical. Once again I was fortunate enough to have the product trend to the number one spot for the day. The best part about the entire experience was definitely friends coming out of the woodwork, from Google employees, to friends on opposite sides of the globe messaging me saying “Hey, I saw your project on HN – nice work!”.



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