Leslie Knope Compliment Generator

Leslie Knope Compliment Generator


I'm a pretty big fan of NBC's Parks and Recreation and its lead character Leslie Knope. I'm an even bigger fan of her compliments, always positive, over the top, and involving some sort of animal. With this in mind, I built the Leslie Knope Compliment Generator.

Project Completed: June, 2018

Approximate Time: 2 days

Lines of Code: 100

Created With:

About the Project

Armed with a list of animals, and a list of adjectives I curated to be positive, I built a simple API where anyone can pass in the name of a friend or colleague, and receive a Knope-style compliment back.


Example Compliments

Here are a few compliments you get when you pass in the name “Ann”.

  • Ann, you faithful hippopotamus.
  • Ann, you energized worm.
  • Ann, you self-disciplined boar.
  • Ann, you knowledgeable crocodile.
  • Ann, you pioneering lark.

The package also has the capability for multiple adjectives (anywhere from 1 to 5, and the option for a random number). In addition, there are also options for official compliments said by Leslie Knope herself, and one for alliteration.



Since I created the package, I’ve used it in two main projects. The first is a WordPress plugin called “Hello Leslie”. This plugin is almost identical to the “Hello Dolly” plugin found on all new WordPress installations by default, but replaces lyrics with compliments.

The second project was connecting it to my Facebook Messenger. Every day a select few of my friends get personalized compliments sent to them automatically. Here are a few example chat logs.

Beccy, you reliable spoonbill.
Lordy that’s a good one


Melissa, you easygoing elk.
Daily animal is a godsend