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I've been contributing to my travel blog for more than 7 years now, so it was time I built it a WordPress theme from scratch. RYDAWAY showcases my travel stories and advice for anyone looking to do a bit of wandering.

Building A Worthy Theme

To make matters easier, I decided to start with the underscores WordPress theme template. It doesn’t provide much functionality or design – just the basics to bootstrap. From there, with test-driven development I worked on building a responsive and clean site that could best showcase the years of content I had built.

There were a few challenges along the way. Some content was being hosted externally, so I needed to write a few scripts to download it and re-host it on my server. Migrating the site to a new linux virtual machine was a bit difficult, but well worth the effort for the increased speed and control.



Making It Responsive

Currently, RYDAWAY gets between 200-250 visitors per day, 60% of whom are on mobile phones, so I needed to make the site responsive. Building for mobile is always a unique challenge, as the way a user interacts with a page is fundamentally different from mobile. Using a fair amount of CSS and JavaScript though, I transformed the mobile version of RYDAWAY into an easy-to-navigate app-style site.



Check out the live project for more information, and more information about my travels.

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