ShipGoggles is an aggregator for cruise ship jobs. It collects, categorizes and curates job postings for major cruise lines, so employees can apply more easily.

Cruise Ship Job Postings

Having previously worked on a cruise ship, I know how difficult it can be to find job postings and apply for them. The process is complicated, and involves lots of emailing, checking facebook pages, and luck. That’s why I was thrilled to get the opportunity to build – a cruise ship jobs aggregator.

Built with Django, ShipGoggles collects, categorizes, and curates job postings from a variety of major cruise lines using a complex ETL pipeline, and offers the ability to manage social posts and notifications right from the app. It’s designed to be as hands-off as possible, with the focus of bringing awareness to recently available jobs in the cruise line industry.


ShipGoggles screen shot




ShipGoggles Screen shot



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