St. Catharines Bus Map


St. Catharines Transit has an API for developers that allows them to pull various information about buses. I wanted to check out some insights about how buses in the Niagara Region are distributed, so I built a dashboard.

About The Project

Now archived, the St. Catharines Bus Map was a tool that allowed users to view daily insights about buses in the city of St. Catharines Ontario. Information was collected from a central server every 5 minutes about buses in the Niagara Region. That information was then reprocessed, categorized, and made available for a rolling period of 30 days in a web facing dashboard.




In addition to being able to view the live location of all buses in St. Catharines, the dashboard allowed users to view locations of stops, routes, and snapshots of where buses were at given dates and times (in addition to their speed and direction of travel). Using this information, I also built an analytics page for my own curiosity, showing average buses on roads at any given time, and average speeds buses were travelling.




Current Project Fate

The project is currently archived in a kubernetes cluster with many other projects. While it still does interact with the API to retrieve live data for some components, most of the data found in the dashboard is historical. Please do let me know if you have any questions!


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